Eimar Ursae


Eimar was raised in a loving home by his mother and father often staying by his mother's side in many things growing up taking after her kind-hearted nature in many ways while looking down upon what his father had done. When he left home he fell in love with an elven woman who was the niece of a man who hated his father, they rushed things very quickly, and soon she was with a child. Eimar then requested to slow things down so they could form a better bond between them the child, a rift started only to form vastly after the loss of the child before birth. She soon perished not long after during an attack upon the farm by predators. Eimar then came into service of Maly as a hunter, serving in both wars, and into the new royal family. He has joined the city gaurd finally and seeks to further progress and improve his standings in life for his future family.

Age: 20 elven years
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Social Status: Gaurd
Sexuality: Straight
Height: six foot three
Homeland: BC
Current Home: Inside the halls of BC
Build: Hunters
Hair: Deep Black
Eyes: Icy Blue
Skin: Sunkissed of one who has been in the desert.
Identifying Marks: Two deep marks on his wrists from using a plow his entire life.
Appearance: Carries himself with a strong but shy air.
Clothing: Has upgraded to well off hunters attire
Weaponry: Bow and spear
Prized Possessions:
Hygiene: bathes regularly.
Voice: Soft and quiet.

Good personality traits: Kind, Loyal, Obedient
Bad personality traits: Not to bright, trusting, quick to anger when friends are hurt.
Mood character is most often in: Quiet unless spoken to
Sense of humor: It is odd it puts most people off
Character’s greatest joy in life: His farm.
Character’s greatest fear: Spiders
Why?: They just freak him out ever since he had ran into a thicket full of them and they crawled all over his frame as a child.
Character is most at ease when: farming
Most ill at ease when: Around people
Enraged when: People Betray him
Depressed or sad when: Thinking about people being hurt.
Priorities: his crops.
Life philosophy: To give everyone protection and care regardless of what they have done, all should have the chance to be forgiven.
If granted one wish, it would be: To make sure everyone had full bellies..
Why?: He has seen fellow farm famlies go hungry and its not a pretty sight.
Character’s soft spot: Those he gives his oaths to.
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: Yes
Greatest strength: He will follow his word threw to the letter once given.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: He will never break his bond no matter what.
Biggest regret:


Loved and protected

Loved and protected

Falling for

Recently with some revelations, Eimar has admitted something he has known for a few years, that he deeply cares for and loves the woman he has many names for. The Duchess the Raveness, Dusklight, starlight she is like fire to his flame, and while he understands she has been threw a lot in life. He is patient and caring wanting to help mend her wounds and make her happy once again. He is a wolf and won't bend the knee no matter how hard she tries to rule over him, but endeavors to be equal with her and better himself in life to accomplish such a feat.


He has watched the young man grow from a young bean sprout to a fresh green-eared youth who is now a ruler. He has seen the kindness and amazing gifts the young man has had. Recently he has seen a brashness and anger in him, that makes him worry hoping the kindness he once saw does not override him. That the young man does not vanish and turn into a young budding Tyrant drunk on his own power. There is many paths for him to walk yet and wonders which road will he take time will only tell.

How would he describe her, when he first met the small woman. She looked equally deadly and yet held a poise in her armor ready to kill and yet kept restrained like a lethal snake ready to strike. He respects her immensely and holds that she has a lot of potential for one so quiet and often in the shadows. She holds an ageless look, that is beautiful and yet gives off an air of warning to what may be the secret. He thinks that for all her air of strength, inside lies a shattered house and he hopes she can find one amongst the bad choices of men that will respect her and treat her as the noble woman she is in life.

Iry has always been around, he seems a bit flambouant and cares a bit about his appearance to much. But he is a good man Eimar would back him up on the spot in any scenario. He only hopes that he can help mend the bridges in the family and bring everyone closer for a stronger and more resiliant family.

A oprhan originally much like her mother, he has grown more protective of late of the younger woman. Worrying over her and doing his best to give advice and to help teach her what he can. While he hopes one day she can see him as a father figure he does not plan on forcing the idea upon the woman, and just wishes the best for her.

Dragoi the young prince reminds him much of Nyomi in appearance. But balances out well between both his parents taking traits from both of them, he could see him becoming a good leader in his future if not a bit, eccentric with his animal breeding habits and wonders if the kingdom would turn into a massive zoo for entertainment.

Unsure of yet

Nike seems like a nice lass and that her and Iry get along well, he worries though at the mention of her being like his ex from his sister. Along with her current reluctance to join the ranks of those who worships yaen, he hopes this changes over time lest the past repeats itself.